Masters Hand-made Deluxe Home Bar Skittles (Table Skittles) - B00E7POGZY

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  • Bar Skittles or Table Skittles - classic British pub game. Miniaturised form of full skittles game

  • Swing the ball around the pole and try to topple as many pins as possible on the way back

  • Beautifully constructed game hand-made in Britain by an experienced craftsman

  • Great fun for adults and children - and also for those who take their Bar Skittles more seriously...

  • Comes with a cribbage board scoreboard and 9 hand-turned Oak skittle pins

  • Bar Skittles, also known as Table Skittles or Devil Amongst the Tailors, is a traditional indoor pub game. Each player gets 3 attempts to swing the ball around the pole to knock down the skittles.

    This Table Skittles set is beautifully hand-made from Oak and can be packed flat for easy storage. It is made to the Masters Traditional Games specification - it's just a tiny bit easier than a full size Bar Skittles so great for children and those who are just after playing for fun. But still tantalisingly difficult to get a 'floorer' (all the pins down in one swing of the ball).

    The Bar Skittles game comes complete with a Cribbage Score board and 9 hand turned skittle pins in oak hardwood.

    Approx. dimensions: Base approx: 400mm x 600mm - Pole height: approx 970mm - Skittle height: 95mm

    Made in Britain

    Product Ref.: 00166H

    Masters Hand-made Deluxe Home Bar Skittles (Table Skittles) - B00E7POGZY

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